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The east coast - in the shade of Mount Etna
Taormina Sicily's number one sight - Taormina, the largest and most active volcano in Europe - Mount Etna, the black lava rocks coast - the Riviera dei Ciclopi, Sicily's second largest city and its large area with citrus plants - Catania, the New York of the antiquity -Syracuse, sandy beaches and more.

The south east - the picturesque landscape of the Monti Iblei
Iblei This region is famous for its magnificent baroque cities, for the notorious personality of Syrakus, for its long beaches and picturesque landscape around the Monti Iblei.

The central zone - the other Sicily
Inland The inland dominates the wide, wheat-hilled valleys, while small farming villages of the unspoiled interior remain isolated on their hilltops, with vast expanses of rocky mountains or rolling fields between them. On of Sicily's top sights are the splendid mosaics of the Villa Romana.

The south coast - beaches and temples
temples The beauty of the south coast lies even beyond the temples at Agrigento and Selinunte. Long, sandy beaches, lovely fishing villages, ruined Greek cities and sivery olive and dark green citrus groves feature all along the little-developed coastline.

The west coast - culture and nature
Isola Monzia The coastal areas and offshore islands are pristine, while the mountainous interior, part rocky, part arable, has some of the harshest terrain in Sicily - perfect for high-quality Sicilian wines. Perfect, sandy beaches are around the beautyfull nature park of Zingaro.

The province of Palermo - Rugged mountains and small remote villages
Province of Palermo Small remote villages around Corleone are sprinkled throughout, all worth a quick visit to witness a way of live that is slow to change. The rugged hills around Segesta, Calatafimi and Alcamo lool dry and barren, but the Sicilians plant them with hearty vines, cultivating the hills as high as possible.

The north coast - culture and nature
Palermo The north coast consists a group of islands with acitve volcano and Sicily's largest city: Palermo. Along the north coast arise the sicilian Apannin with the two mountain ranges of the Madonie and the Nebrodi mountains. High up in the hills and peaks of the Sicilian Apennines, it often seems like nothing has changed for eons. > English Version -Sicily traveler guide © 2010 Fischer & Walter